Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Monday lunch was time to honor our writers. Unlike public speaking, writers often have little idea of how well their work is received, so writing awards are a kind of validation for those of us who aspire to write. Awards were presented for the 2012 and 2013 competitions as per below table.

2012                                                                       2013
Non Fiction                                                            Non Fiction

1st  Adrienne Payton                                             1st  Keiko Fujiko
2nd Carolyn Pichet                                                2nd Mary Wong
3rd Nissa Elsey                                                      3rd Wyn Bowler

Fiction                                                                     Fiction

1st   Adrienne Payton                                              1st Sharmayne Risely
2nd  Karisa Hayes                                                   2nd Nadjima Van Goens Youskime
3rd   Belinda Helms                                                3rd Faye Courin

Poetry                                                                      Poetry

1st  Patricia Kennedy                                              1st  Patricia Kennedy
2nd  Barbara Pegador                                              2nd  Mary Wong
3rd  Kei Matsumoto                                                 3rd  Nadjima Van Goens Youskime

Congratualtions to all our writers.

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