Sunday, July 14, 2013


“Surviving Crisis on the Tracks of Opportunity”

A supervisor in a Government finance centre, Irvin is most memorable to me for his winning performance in the 2009 International speech competition on the Convention at Sea. I knew from that experience of his talent for words and was expecting some alliteration and rhyme and was not disappointed - in particular, the opening paragraphs of his presentation was littered with shining examples of both.

In his presentation, Irvine mentioned that we find in life that we can be “skinned by scags and scallyways” who are most interested in “your honey and your money”. He redefined the “seesaw” by using it as an acronym for crisis - “Significant Emotional Event suddenly appearing without warning.”  

With his energetic personality and enormous smile, Irvine guided us through the workshop, the premise of which was to live and enjoy our lives (as time is precious) and to do so with a positive and optimistic attitude.

Irvine has been on the Islands for the last 6 days, during which time he says he has been “in and out of every cubby-hole that he can” and describes himself as having been a “man about the Islands”. Sounds to me like he has been enjoying Hawaii and taking his own advice to live and enjoy his life.

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