Sunday, July 14, 2013


On the great lawn, fronting the lagoon, Convention attendees were treated to a feast of entertainment during the Convention welcome party, hosted by the Sierra Pacific Region. Greeted with gorgeous leis of frangipanni and orchids, and a deliciously refreshing drink of tropical punch, members and guests from far and wide renewed friendships and made new ones in an atmostphere awash with conviviality.
President Carol Preiss greeted and welcomed us all, before we were treated to a show of local youngsters performing traditional dances and songs. Accompanied by a group of Ulelele players and adult singers, the boys and girls had the audience enthralled with their grace and beauty. The adults were not to be outdone with an octegenarian performing traditional dance for our entertainment to the delight of us all. The show was a feast of local culture, and once it was over, the littlies came through the crowd, shaking our hands and greeting us with the traditional "Aloha". What a treat!

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