Tuesday, July 16, 2013


On any given evening around the Hilton Hawaiian Village, one can hear a variety of beautiful music, being played around the pools, in the bars and restaurants.  And Tuesday at Convention was no exception. In fact, it was even better than usual…

The speech contest Awards dinner was hosted by the Japan Region, with a very special treat for the attendees. Pianist Mizuho Itakura accompanied vocalist and member of ITC Awaji and Chrystal Kobe Clubs, Kyoko Okada for a spectacular performance of opera pieces, including ‘Brindisi’ from Verdi’s ‘La Traviata’.

Following this, traditional music and dance pieces had us mesmerised with the grace and beauty of the performers and we were entertained by a group of doctors [husbands of ITC members]. But the best was yet to come. Pianist Mizuho Itakura mesmerised her audience with magnificent renditions of several pieces. A standing ovation was received and Mizuho performed an encore for our further enjoyment.

What a treat! Thank you Japan Region for an unforgettable evening of spectacular entertainment.

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