Monday, July 15, 2013


Two meetings in to the buisness session at the International Convention, and we have seen some vigorous debate [what else would you expect of a speaking organisation]. Credentials Chair, Andrea Conrad and her team are finally being allowed a little time to relax. I met Andrea on Friday, when many delegates were yet to check in, and she said delegates were starting to trickle in. She must have been very busy over the next few hours, because by the next day, there were 142 delegates eligible to vote attending the first business meeting.

In business covered so far, there has been an new proviso addendum presented in writing by the board to the delegates as well as proposed bylaw amendments nos. 1 - 3. The summary of events is as follows:-


Submitted by international board to delegates in writing at prior business meeting session.

That all monetary amounts in the Bylaws and Standing Rules be shown in equivalent USD wherever it currently reads NZD.

Motion was passed with over 2/3 affirmative

Amendment 1                   ARTICLE 5.3. Member-at-large. 5.3.1.

To add that a member who is physically impaired and unable to attend regular club meetings  may also apply for member-at-large status.

Carried with over 2/3 affirmative

Amendment 2                   ARTICLE 5.3. Member-at-large. 5.3.3.

To clarify that a member-at-large may also serve on an International, region or council committee.

Carried with over 2/3 affirmative

Amendment 3                   ARTICLE 5.4. Life Member.

All Life Members would not be required to pay ITC dues.

Lost with over 2/3 negative
The business meeting is now in recess until 9am Tuesday.

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