Monday, July 15, 2013


Six contestants who had already delivered the performance of their lives to make it to this level, stepped it up a notch this afternoon in the finals of the International Speech Competition.

Howard Egerman from Sierra Pacific region commenced the competition with his very entertaining speech to inform about Cockroaches. He was followed by a beautifully presented speech about aspirations and the globe by Japan Region contestant Mioko Nakajima. Margaret Craigie representing New Zealand then entertained us with her “Body Beautiful” speech, then Candace Knoll from North West Region put a whole new spin on Mama knowing best.  North East Region’s contestant, Adrienne Payton inspired us to have a ‘can do’ attitude and Australian Region’s Margaret Grand presented a very moving speech to persuade, encouraging us to talk about organ transplant with our families.

The contest was very ably judged by four Past International Presidents - Irene Johnson, Suzanne Shiflet, Mary Marshall and Jean Turner [alternate] - all of whom are POWERtalk certified speech contest judges.

The contestants and audience were treated to an excruciating 90 minute wait for the announcement of the winners whilst we recessed to prepare for the Speech Contest Awards Banquet.

Aren’t you glad, you don’t have to wait that long? The results are…

First               Margaret Craigie, New Zealand Region

Second          Margaret Grand, Australian Region

Third              Candace Knoll, North West Region
Congratulations to all contestants on what must have been an incredibly difficult competition to judge.


  1. Awesome stuff, well done Margaret from all of us at Powertalk Speakwell. You did us proud!

  2. Fantastic result! Congratulations to Margaret Craigie for upholding NZ's honour. Taupo Club members were told the news at the end of meeting tonight. We are all delighted with the result.
    Hilary Brown DC; Fellow of ITC


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