Tuesday, July 16, 2013

MARIA TRUJILLO-TOUGH ... Convention Coordinator

"Turn things around when they go wrong and nobody will notice the hiccoughs". This is the motto of our Convention Coordinator, Maria Trujillo-Tough. Having previously filled the position of Sierra Pacific Region Conference Coordinator and International President's training weekend coordinator, Maria knew to expect some challenges and says she has had her share, but that the postion has been incredibly rewarding. "It's much bigger than the others were, but it's been absolutely great! The hotel has been very accommodating and have so far succeeded in making our stay exceptional."

Biggest Lessons: Planning minutia [tiny details] "Small details create big success."

Biggest laugh: Last minute furniture rearrangements "Sometimes you just have to laugh."

Biggest love: "The children at the opening party were simply delightful. It was so wonderful seeing my goal of attendees having a good time and being happy come to fulfilment."

When Convention finishes, Maria will dive head-first into her next challenge. Selected as Division 1 Vice President, she will be taking part in her first International Board meeting. In her words, "If I didn't believe in the future of this organisation, I wouldnt have nominated for the International Board."

We wish her all the best in this future challenge.

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