Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Congratulations -- and my very best wishes to Val and the new board!

What a whirlwind of excitement it must be -- I can imagine the wonderful atmosphere at convention right now with everyone buzzing about the election results, the speech contest, the workshops and all the many activities of what looks like to be an excellent programme!

To each one of you -- stop -- just for a second. Stop --- and look around you. Take it all in -- the joy, the drama, the suspense, the relief, the wonder of discovery, the pleasure, the camaraderie -- all the elements that make a POWERtalk Convention one of the best experiences of your life!

--- Be aware. Be in the here and now -- and live the moment.

And always take the time to dream, to believe, to dare and to do -- for this great organisation you belong to, and also for yourself!
With my best love to you all
Wilna Wilkinson
Past President, 2003-2005

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