Thursday, July 18, 2013


Madam President, fellow board members, members and guests…

The way I feel tonight is how all other presidents before me must have felt as they stood in front of you, the members, friends and guests of this great organization.

These past presidents were like me, nervous and excited, but like me, eager and anxious to make a difference.

 I first heard about this organization in Germany where my husband served with the Canadian armed forces. As I was waiting for my children one day, a lady sat down on the same park bench I was sitting on.  She began telling me about Toastmistress and some of the things  she had learned.  Deep down I was wishing she would stop talking about this mystery organization because I wasn’t interested and I certainly had no plans to ever have to speak in public, give speeches - not on your life! 

I eventually went to a meeting and immediately joined.  Perhaps some of you might remember the only Canadian club to belong to this organization that was outside of Canada - Baden Tri Symbol club of Baden Soellingen, Germany.


I counted the steps to get to this podium tonight, there are 10 and I can now confess to you that it took me over 30 years to get here.

Over the past few months, I have asked myself many times, how did I get here?  What was it that gave me the confidence to seek the top spot of this organization?   There is not one answer to these questions.   There was no pressure, no time line, so why did I do this?  Giving it more thought, what came to my mind is number 1 - I love this organization. Number 2 - I believe in what it stands for.  Number 3 is the support of my family, my club members and those wonderful members who are no longer with us.  They all saw something in me and planted the seed in my head that someday, I could rap the gavel as the leader – I made the right choice.

 Ernestine White, our founder, made these statements in her acceptance speech on August 11, 1939 and I quote,

“Our purpose must be the betterment of our acts and words; the enhancement of our faculty to influence others; elevation toward leadership; control and direction of our every act and word for bringing about waves of activities that will attain the best possible results for the individual and the whole”.

She made the right choice.

These words are as true today as they were then. Our words and actions are what have kept us going for the past 75 years.

What has changed is how we as a world do things.  We are now in an era of technology and every day there is something new for us to buy, learn and use.

Every organization has had to adapt to these changes in order to survive. It was just early this month that charter # 4036 was issued which means we have chartered over four thousand clubs since we first organized.  

To continue to be part of the succession of organizations, POWERtalk international must play an aggressive “catch up” role.

No longer can we count on our name or passion to entice prospective members to join us; we have to offer a product that is current and up to date. Most of all we have to offer something that is better!  Our organization is top-notch!   This is where we learn to say what we mean and mean what we say. On top of that, we have one of the most effective tools used for improving our skills and that tool is evaluation.

There will always be the need to communicate and we are international communicators! Look around this room.  There are more than 15 countries represented.  The binding power of communication has led us here for 5 days and no matter what age you are, no matter how long you have belonged to this organization, you will leave here tomorrow still learning! Why?  Because we have a worthwhile and much needed product.  You have made the right choice.

Look at those members who have gone on to achieve countless goals from the training they received.  They made the right choice.

A book i am reading  by Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves entitled “Leadership 2.0” points out that leaders who embody a true sense of character are transparent and forthcoming.  They aren’t perfect, but they earn people’s respect by walking their talk.  They have integrity - they have credibility.  They value differences and they have a vision. 

POWERtalk educates, teaches, and produces leaders. Believe it or not, leadership is not an exclusive club. You can learn to be a leader.  Club, council, region, international, levels are there for you. With the experience and skills you gained from being a member of a committee, to chairing that committee, from serving on a club board, to signing your name as president, there is nothing you can’t do.  In my mind, this organization has taken all of us from a great view to a grand vision! 

Two years ago, President cCarol asked us to ‘be the change’ .  She elaborated  about the qualities of great leaders - one in particular - Nelson Mandella. If you were to review his history and read about the obstacles he overcame to free his people, you would marvel at his determination and strength.  His vision was always clear and focused. He was the change for his country. We need to inject ourselves with determination and strength to launch and keep our organization strong and vibrant in this 21st century.

As we move into another new term, be assured that the team you elected will be listening to you, and working to continue earning your trust and respect.   We know there will be challenges, but along with those challenges will be a team who is committed, and  who is willing to do their best. 

Part of our  strategy will be this directive:-

We will teach by doing. If the sky is the limit, go out of bounds, work hard and laugh often, listen to everyone. 

My new book on leadership is about wolves and something that I think fits all of us is the ‘wolf creedo’ -

Repect Elders, teach the young, co-operate with the pack, play when you can, hunt when you must, rest in between, share your affection, voice your feelings, and leave your mark.

We invite you to work with us these next two years.  You will be hearing more about impending changes for our future shortly. Put aside the date to attend Convention 2015 in New Zealand. 

We have weathered 75 years of ups and downs and survived. So let us take what we need from the past to help develop a successful future. With this thought in mind, let me applaud you for your dedication to this wonderful organization of POWERtalk International.    


“In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing. The worst thing you can do is nothing.”


Our 2013-2015 theme is based on this quote - which means  as members you have made “the right choice”.


With fillet mignon on the menu and some fun live rock and roll music, it was time to kick up our heels and celebrate the completion of Convention tonight. The dinner honored fellows and past International Presidents then culminated in the installation of the 2013 - 2015 International President and her board.
A truly beautiful installation ceremony was conducted by Shelley Petley, with individually hand made dream catchers, complete with POWERtalk swish were given to the incoming officers as a momento of the occasion. Irvine Walker reduced half the room to tears with his moving rendition of "Wind Beneath my Wings", then Incoming President Val Harper gave her installation address before being presented with a spectacular gavel from President Carol Priess and her President's Pendant.

I will post a copy of the address as the next post. Hugs all round followed as members congratualted the new board in a receiving line, then more hugs as we each farwelled our friends.
Convention 2013 has come to an end, and we all look forward to the next convention in Rotorua...

Oh yes...the dates for Rotorua are...

                   2015 POWERtalk INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION
                   ROTORUA, NEW ZEALAND
                   15 - 18 July, 2015

See you there!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


It's always the question everyone want the answer to....where is the next Convention?

Well, the secret is out! This morning at the final business session, a team from the New Zealand Region gave us a beautifully harmonised call to convention at .....

drumroll please.......

ROTORUA, NEW ZEALAND....Dates to be announced tonight at dinner.

We arrived travel-weary, hot and sticky until we stood at the reception desk, greeted with a warm 'ALOHA!', the scent of the flowers , the sound of aloha music and a soft Hawaiian haze. We slept to the sound of the rolling seas.
Our happy experience in paradise continued. Our POWERtalk experience is exciting, informative, well-organised and enriching. Within the warm embrace of our ITC sisters and brothers from around the world, we learn, grow, and bask in our new friendships.
We will travel home tanned, tired, blessed with many new frineds and planning for our 2015 Convention. Til we meet again!

Kay Shewfelt Boyd, Mannitoba Council-at-large

This week I had the privelege of judging one of the preliminary speech contests. As a certified judge I have performed this task at different levels, but it has never been so difficult! In terms of speech delivery, the contestants really raised the bar. Most stepped away from the lectern and used few or no notes. They spoke with confidence and conviction. I'm sure some could have second careers as standup comics. Others aptly demonstrated their powers of persuasion. Very impressive!

If I could offer one piece of advice to the contestants, it would be to study the judge's worksheet. Is the category of your speech clear in your opening? Does the body support your thesis statement? Does your content appeal to an international audience? With less than 5 points separating the top and bottom speakers on my worksheet, these criteria were crucial to my decision. Tailor your content for maximum points.

Overall, I must say that this was one of the best contests I have seen - and amazingly, the final was even better! The speakers were a testament to their POWERtalk training. Well done, everyone!

Shelley Petley D C

Europe 92 members attending Convention want to express their gratitude to our Division III Vice President, Ruth Maltman. We ppreciate her contribution at the business meeting where she ecpressed her concerns and views about the future of the organisation. She courageously stood up and gave a realistic view and offered possible solutions.


Europe 92 Convention attendees want to express their gratitude to Mary Flentje for all the effert she made in representing us at International level.

Marijke Slager - Europe 92

Workshop presented by Kazuko Izumi, Japan Region

'Attractive Conversation with Humour.'

Review by Margaret Craigie

After reading the description of the workshop, I thought it might be about difficulties of English and the sometimes humorous situations that can arise whenever two languages meet.  Perhaps the difference between severe and sever. (Henry VIII anyone?)   

I sat down and was given an English copy of the slide show to come.  Glancing through it, I was waiting for a particular slide in the first few minutes which indicated examples would be given. 

The moment arrived.  The correct slide was showing on the screen, and....

everything was still in Japanese!  The workshop was, in fact, to show Japanese people how to put humour into their presentations back home in Japan. 

I hadn't understood a word, and had instead got myself an experience of how students of English must feel a lot of the time. 

I can only hope I wasn't rude by leaving, as Kazuko seemed very good at what she was doing.  I might be an Accomplished Communicator (of a whole 2 weeks standing), but that's only in English.  I take my hat off to our Japanese members.  They are achieving so much, with huge obstacles.  I cannot imagine doing the same in a language other than my own.  Salut!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


On any given evening around the Hilton Hawaiian Village, one can hear a variety of beautiful music, being played around the pools, in the bars and restaurants.  And Tuesday at Convention was no exception. In fact, it was even better than usual…

The speech contest Awards dinner was hosted by the Japan Region, with a very special treat for the attendees. Pianist Mizuho Itakura accompanied vocalist and member of ITC Awaji and Chrystal Kobe Clubs, Kyoko Okada for a spectacular performance of opera pieces, including ‘Brindisi’ from Verdi’s ‘La Traviata’.

Following this, traditional music and dance pieces had us mesmerised with the grace and beauty of the performers and we were entertained by a group of doctors [husbands of ITC members]. But the best was yet to come. Pianist Mizuho Itakura mesmerised her audience with magnificent renditions of several pieces. A standing ovation was received and Mizuho performed an encore for our further enjoyment.

What a treat! Thank you Japan Region for an unforgettable evening of spectacular entertainment.

The business meeting resumed this morning with the President announcing that the board will allow payment in New Zealand Dollars for the upcoming term's dues from members of the Australian Region in view of the Australian Incorporation's rules. Australian Region members are very happy with this decision.

The balance of the amendments to be discussed were completed in this morning's business session. The results are as follows...
Amendment 4                   ARTICLE 7.2. Dues.

To add financial penalties for late payment of dues.

PROVISO: effective August 1, 2014


Amendments passed by affirmative …

1.       7.2.6 strike ‘assessed clubs’ at end of clause and insert insert ‘charged to the club’

2.       7.2.3 Strike’ August’ and insert ‘September’


Amended motion carried with over 2/3 affirmative



Amendment 5                   ARTICLE 9.5. Requirements of Officers. 9.5.1.c.

To enable an ITC officer to hold office at club and/or council level.


Carried with over 2/3 affirmative


Amendment 6                  ARTICLE 13.1. Classification of Committees.

To delete the Donations and Bequests Committee.


Carried with over 2/3 affirmative


Amendment 7                   ARTICLE 13.1. Classification of Committees.

To delete the Protocol Committee.


Carried with over 2/3 affirmative


Amendment 8                   STANDING RULE 5.  DUES. 

To increase per capita dues to USD One Hundred (USD100).

PROVISO: effective August 1, 2014


Blank created for fee amount - amount settled for amendment - US ninety dollars (USD90)


Amended motion carried with over 2/3 affirmative


Amendment 9                   STANDING RULE 7.  CLUB CONVENTION FEE.

To increase the fee to US twenty-five dollars (USD25).

PROVISO: effective August 1, 2014

Blank created for fee amount - amount settled for amendment - US Twenty (USD20)

Amended motion carried by over 2/3 in affirmative

Motion to consider Amendment 11 prior to Amendment 10 carried by majority in affirmative


Amendment 11                                STANDING RULE 11. CONVENTIONS. 11.2.2.

To delete payment of convention registration for ITC Standing Committee Chairman (except Convention Coordinator)


Carried with over 2/3 in affirmative


Amendment 10                STANDING RULE 11. CONVENTIONS. 11.2.4.

To change expenses payments from convention meal packets to convention registration for ITC convention controller and convention chairmen of credentials and registration.


Carried with over 2/3 in affirmative


Amendment 12                                STANDING RULE 11. CONVENTIONS.  11.2.5.

To delete payment of expenses for the management training luncheon for region presidents-elect.


Carried by over 2/3 in affirmative


Amendment 13                                5.3.4., 5.4.2., 5.6.2.c., 7.3.1., 7.5., 7.6., 8.2.3.b., 11.5., 11.6.2., 12.2., 13.4.5.b.,

13.13., 19.5.2.a., 19.6.6., SR.3., SR.3.3., SR.4.

To change “ITC website” to “organization’s website”.


Decided by rising vote  Affirmative 58: Negative 70 - Motion was lost.
That completes the proposed bylaw amendments.

Congratulations -- and my very best wishes to Val and the new board!

What a whirlwind of excitement it must be -- I can imagine the wonderful atmosphere at convention right now with everyone buzzing about the election results, the speech contest, the workshops and all the many activities of what looks like to be an excellent programme!

To each one of you -- stop -- just for a second. Stop --- and look around you. Take it all in -- the joy, the drama, the suspense, the relief, the wonder of discovery, the pleasure, the camaraderie -- all the elements that make a POWERtalk Convention one of the best experiences of your life!

--- Be aware. Be in the here and now -- and live the moment.

And always take the time to dream, to believe, to dare and to do -- for this great organisation you belong to, and also for yourself!
With my best love to you all
Wilna Wilkinson
Past President, 2003-2005

The first raffle of the Convention [red ticket raffle] was drawn at lunch today with a delighted Maxine MacRae taking home $365 in winnings.

The next raffle [blue tickets] will be drawn at lunch tomorrow.

Monday lunch was time to honor our writers. Unlike public speaking, writers often have little idea of how well their work is received, so writing awards are a kind of validation for those of us who aspire to write. Awards were presented for the 2012 and 2013 competitions as per below table.

2012                                                                       2013
Non Fiction                                                            Non Fiction

1st  Adrienne Payton                                             1st  Keiko Fujiko
2nd Carolyn Pichet                                                2nd Mary Wong
3rd Nissa Elsey                                                      3rd Wyn Bowler

Fiction                                                                     Fiction

1st   Adrienne Payton                                              1st Sharmayne Risely
2nd  Karisa Hayes                                                   2nd Nadjima Van Goens Youskime
3rd   Belinda Helms                                                3rd Faye Courin

Poetry                                                                      Poetry

1st  Patricia Kennedy                                              1st  Patricia Kennedy
2nd  Barbara Pegador                                              2nd  Mary Wong
3rd  Kei Matsumoto                                                 3rd  Nadjima Van Goens Youskime

Congratualtions to all our writers.

MARIA TRUJILLO-TOUGH ... Convention Coordinator

"Turn things around when they go wrong and nobody will notice the hiccoughs". This is the motto of our Convention Coordinator, Maria Trujillo-Tough. Having previously filled the position of Sierra Pacific Region Conference Coordinator and International President's training weekend coordinator, Maria knew to expect some challenges and says she has had her share, but that the postion has been incredibly rewarding. "It's much bigger than the others were, but it's been absolutely great! The hotel has been very accommodating and have so far succeeded in making our stay exceptional."

Biggest Lessons: Planning minutia [tiny details] "Small details create big success."

Biggest laugh: Last minute furniture rearrangements "Sometimes you just have to laugh."

Biggest love: "The children at the opening party were simply delightful. It was so wonderful seeing my goal of attendees having a good time and being happy come to fulfilment."

When Convention finishes, Maria will dive head-first into her next challenge. Selected as Division 1 Vice President, she will be taking part in her first International Board meeting. In her words, "If I didn't believe in the future of this organisation, I wouldnt have nominated for the International Board."

We wish her all the best in this future challenge.

Monday, July 15, 2013


Six contestants who had already delivered the performance of their lives to make it to this level, stepped it up a notch this afternoon in the finals of the International Speech Competition.

Howard Egerman from Sierra Pacific region commenced the competition with his very entertaining speech to inform about Cockroaches. He was followed by a beautifully presented speech about aspirations and the globe by Japan Region contestant Mioko Nakajima. Margaret Craigie representing New Zealand then entertained us with her “Body Beautiful” speech, then Candace Knoll from North West Region put a whole new spin on Mama knowing best.  North East Region’s contestant, Adrienne Payton inspired us to have a ‘can do’ attitude and Australian Region’s Margaret Grand presented a very moving speech to persuade, encouraging us to talk about organ transplant with our families.

The contest was very ably judged by four Past International Presidents - Irene Johnson, Suzanne Shiflet, Mary Marshall and Jean Turner [alternate] - all of whom are POWERtalk certified speech contest judges.

The contestants and audience were treated to an excruciating 90 minute wait for the announcement of the winners whilst we recessed to prepare for the Speech Contest Awards Banquet.

Aren’t you glad, you don’t have to wait that long? The results are…

First               Margaret Craigie, New Zealand Region

Second          Margaret Grand, Australian Region

Third              Candace Knoll, North West Region
Congratulations to all contestants on what must have been an incredibly difficult competition to judge.

Two meetings in to the buisness session at the International Convention, and we have seen some vigorous debate [what else would you expect of a speaking organisation]. Credentials Chair, Andrea Conrad and her team are finally being allowed a little time to relax. I met Andrea on Friday, when many delegates were yet to check in, and she said delegates were starting to trickle in. She must have been very busy over the next few hours, because by the next day, there were 142 delegates eligible to vote attending the first business meeting.

In business covered so far, there has been an new proviso addendum presented in writing by the board to the delegates as well as proposed bylaw amendments nos. 1 - 3. The summary of events is as follows:-


Submitted by international board to delegates in writing at prior business meeting session.

That all monetary amounts in the Bylaws and Standing Rules be shown in equivalent USD wherever it currently reads NZD.

Motion was passed with over 2/3 affirmative

Amendment 1                   ARTICLE 5.3. Member-at-large. 5.3.1.

To add that a member who is physically impaired and unable to attend regular club meetings  may also apply for member-at-large status.

Carried with over 2/3 affirmative

Amendment 2                   ARTICLE 5.3. Member-at-large. 5.3.3.

To clarify that a member-at-large may also serve on an International, region or council committee.

Carried with over 2/3 affirmative

Amendment 3                   ARTICLE 5.4. Life Member.

All Life Members would not be required to pay ITC dues.

Lost with over 2/3 negative
The business meeting is now in recess until 9am Tuesday.

Polling was well attended despite the early hour, and the results were announced at this morning's business session. They are as follows:

2013 - 2015 International Board

President - Val Harper
President Elect - Chris Endo
Secretary - Anita Henzler
Division 1 Vice President - Maria Trujillo-Tough
Division 2 Vice President - Judy Schuth
Division 3 Vice President - Sue Simpkins
Division 4 Vice President - Akemi Kosuge

International Speech Contest Finalists
Margaret Craigie - New Zealand Region
Howard Egerman - Sierra Pacific Region
Margaret Grand - Australian Region
Candace Knoll - Northwest Region
Mioki Nakajima - Japan Region
Adrienne Payton - Northwest Region

Competition was VERY stiff in the heat I watched... and from what I hear tell, it was the same in the other heats as well.
All the best to our competitors this afternoon. Results will be announced at Dinner tonight.

Mary Remson

It was announced that the polls would open at 7:00 am.  Upon arriving at 7:00 am, long lines had already formed.  Delegates were eagerly awaiting the opening of the doors.  As we stood in line, waiting, several spoke of previous lines and long waits endured at the social security office, or the department of motor vehicles.  We all hoped that we would not have that type of experience.  Right on time, the doors opened and the delegates filed into the room for voting, soon delegate Judith Welsh, Winchester Communicators Club of North East Region exited the room, the first delegate to finish voting. 

Mary Remson. 

Saturday’s plenary session featured Irene Johnson’s view of “Watch ‘dem Dogs” it was a humorous look at the traits of man’s best friend.  She spoke about the unconditional love received from dogs and how they will always show it.   However, there other attributes we needed to know.  It was during the overview of the ‘bird dog” when the ‘unexpected visitor’ arrived.  Suddenly, without warning, flying and circling overhead was a bird.  Immediately all of the attendees became “pointers”.   Just as Irene and warned us, many of us did nothing but point at the ‘unexpected visitor.’


After so many months of planning and anticipation - here we are in Hawaii!! The 16 hour plane ride was great with many helpful people along the way.
The best part of an ITC convention is the members. How wonderful to greet long time friends and meet new ones. Hugs are the order of the day and energy flows in abundance.
Working on credentials was the start of pleasant duties - greeting and accrediting delegates so they can take part in the vital business of the organization.
In the days ahead there will be business sessions involving many decisions to be made by the members, speech contests, workshops, plenary sessions, election of new officers for 2013-2015 and the Installation of those officers.
Watch for more exciting news..

Gerry Lightfoot, reporter.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

I Got a Feeling...

I made it to International Speech Contest. The excitment is almost uncontrollable. I love it! I have had the opportunity to meet one of the contestants today and the competition is going to be tough. I will just have to rely on my thorough ITC training to make it to the number 1 spot. "I got a feeling!"

Candace Knoll....Speech Contestant


In a little under 2 hours, the preliminary round of the International Speech Contest will be held. Contestants are doing their last minute rehearsals and getting those butterflies under control in order to give it their all. There will be three concurrent preliminary contests, with the finalists having only one day to wait for their big moment. For finalists, watch this space.



POWERtalk International Convention, July 13-17, 2013
Opening Ceremony, Sunday, July 14, 2013


We are all collectors of one form or another. It is true that POWERtalk members are collectors of friends, of learning new skills and of inspirational ideas and quotes. We could go into any member’s home and find many Quotation books. We look for opening thoughts, for closing thoughts, and for significant words to help support our presentations.

My traveling buddy and I took roughly a 2000 mile journey across the United States just 2 weeks ago. The journey had 2 purposes – to attend my niece’s wedding and to fly to Hawaii out of Las Vegas. You see I prefer straight through flights to those with stops and changes of planes.

On this journey, we talked of many POWERtalk subjects. On the 3rd day in Missouri I began reading road signs. Funny as that sounds, this tradition goes back many years in the United States. In 1927 the son of the owner of Burma Shave Company proposed a marketing scheme or small signs along the road side advertising his company. The father was doubtful, but gave his son $200 – a lot back in 1927 – and the legend of the Burma Shave signs was born.

Not only were these signs fun to read, but they were effective as sales of this shaving cream skyrocketed. For the members who have never experienced Burma Shave signs - they were a series of words on small signs, as many as seven or eight. They comprised a sentence and always ended with Burma Shave.

In 1935 the company started giving safety messages. As an example:

“Train approaching  /  whistle squealing  /  stop  /  avoid that  /  run down feeling  /  Burma Shave”

Being a member of long standing, I’m always looking for inspiration and found a series of large advertising bill boards. We wrote down these 3 inspiring thoughts:

          “Someday is today”

          “Experience counts – get the best”

          “Welcome to a new day”

Think of the many times you could use an inspiring word; you are looking for an outstanding theme for a program or POWERtalk year.  Any one of these is the beginning of new thoughts.

Whether you are a one, ten or forty year member, know that you belong to an organization with outstanding programs to help its members develop their potential.

How do you see yourself and our organization - ordinary or world-class?  It is a description that speaks to how you approach the challenges you face.

So, what distinguishes the world-class performers from those who are satisfied with being “good enough”?

The ordinary love to be comfortable.  It is world-class to be comfortable being uncomfortable. Our members come to POWERtalk seeking uncomfortable situations. Knowing that by tackling that which we fear, we gain experience, polish skills, gain new skills and become all that we can be.

The ordinary are problem oriented. They see what is wrong and want to fix it. Many times they go back to old unsuccessful solutions. The world-class are solution oriented. We define the problem and seek many possibilities to solve our problems. We brainstorm, do SWOT analysis, set SMART goals and work them to achievement.

The ordinary think they know enough and are satisfied with the status quo.  The world-class are eager to learn.  We come to POWERtalk seeking new information, improved skills. We are excited to share what we have learned with our fellow members.

So if you are working toward peak performance, if you want to go from good to great, learn the secrets of champions, the secrets of the world-class. These are the secrets our members know and practice.

Two years ago I challenged you to do something different, try something new and take up the challenge.   Have you


          Given a Workshop?                       

          Held an office?                              

Written a story?                              

          Participated in a contest?             

          Brought in a new member?          

          Organized a short course?           

          Sponsored a club?                        


An anonymous writer said,  “Sometimes in the winds of change, we find our true direction.” 

Have you lived the theme this term - “Be the change”? 

I asked you to believe in yourself, in your talents, in the skills you have honed within the clubs of POWERtalk, in the persistence and persuasion in your core to not let this feeling go.    

This year, we are celebrating our 75th Anniversary during this convention.   What a remarkable organization to have achieved so much, to teach organization and leadership skills to so many and to see our members excel and achieve their goals.

Would all members of ITC please rise…   those with 10 years of less please have a seat…. Those with 20 years or less be seated ….   Those with 29 years or less be seated …

Look around…   those with 39 years or less be seated…..

Those with 45 years or less be seated.    Congratulations to those still standing - what a remarkable achievement!

It is wonderful to see so many members with decades of service in this organization celebrating all that we are.

It is appropriate during our 75th Anniversary celebration to quote our founder, Ernestine White, first International President.  She said:  

 “If all of us, realizing our limitations, endeavor to do our best, or even slightly to expand those limitations; and if we place our experience at the disposal of all others through our own clubs and through ITC, then no one can fathom the boundless possibilities and the great role this organization is destined to play in the history and progress and development of woman-kind.”

Believe in the brand. We have all the tools you need:  POWERtalk Short Course, Writing and Speech Contests, Master Manual, Accreditation,  Hands around the World and more.

We are here in the “Aloha” state celebrating all that we are in POWERtalk, conducting our business, honoring all the work done this term, hearing the best we have in workshops and contests; renewing and making new friendships.

“The world grows better because people wish that it should and because they take the right steps to make it better” words by Ernestine White, our Founder.

Ted Kennedy said “The work begins anew the hope rises again.”

Take the energy and resolve from these days of convention back with you to your Club, Council and Region to begin the work anew. Affirm the resolve to seek new members for your club, if each of you do and if each of you convince other members to do the same, we can again be the organization we all believe we are.


“Surviving Crisis on the Tracks of Opportunity”

A supervisor in a Government finance centre, Irvin is most memorable to me for his winning performance in the 2009 International speech competition on the Convention at Sea. I knew from that experience of his talent for words and was expecting some alliteration and rhyme and was not disappointed - in particular, the opening paragraphs of his presentation was littered with shining examples of both.

In his presentation, Irvine mentioned that we find in life that we can be “skinned by scags and scallyways” who are most interested in “your honey and your money”. He redefined the “seesaw” by using it as an acronym for crisis - “Significant Emotional Event suddenly appearing without warning.”  

With his energetic personality and enormous smile, Irvine guided us through the workshop, the premise of which was to live and enjoy our lives (as time is precious) and to do so with a positive and optimistic attitude.

Irvine has been on the Islands for the last 6 days, during which time he says he has been “in and out of every cubby-hole that he can” and describes himself as having been a “man about the Islands”. Sounds to me like he has been enjoying Hawaii and taking his own advice to live and enjoy his life.

Another exciting day awaits attendees as we get down to business at the 2013 Convention. Sunday sees briefings for delegards, first timers, voting and speech contetants in the preliminary rounds.
We will also have our opening ceremony and first business session, preliminary speech contest and seven workshops.
The blog will be updated throughout the day, as we keep all at home posted on the exciting events of this the 2013 this space! Goodnight for now.